Friday, June 06, 2008

It’s Female Desire Week again

And I’m a bit slow getting started. Sorry. What can I say? It was a nice day. I went out for a walk.

Anyway, female desire. Things we crave. Things we like to look at. Men we like to look at.

Funny how taboo that still is to admit for a lot of people, that women look, that men get looked at. Personally I’m profoundly uninterested in associating with either women who won’t admit that they look or men who’re uncomfortable with being looked at. This is me, folks – I’m a sensual creature. I’m visual. I like to look.

So, men I desire. The basic characteristics have always been remarkably consistent…slender bodies with sleek muscles, smooth skin. Dark hair, dark or bright blue eyes, skin tones ranging from golden tan to ghostly pale. Pretty features. Sharp cheekbones, full lips, strong jaws. A combination of masculine and feminine elements, that’s what gets me every time.

I posted a few examples last time, but why not add some more? Let’s start with this guy, since he’s so thoroughly sexualized himself for female consumption over the years that it’s easy to find pictures of him in various states of undress and a multitude of styles. Hakuei. Lead singer, Penicillin. Face of hip Black Peace Now clothing brand. Sometime actor. 6ft, about 130 pounds, 38 years old, lean and toned and just about perfect. I love tattoos…this man has gorgeous tattoos. And an awesome natural sense of style.

I could talk about the music or the career but you know what? This is Female Desire week, so none of that matters, because I don’t desire him because of his career.

I desire him because he’s beautiful.

Much more below. Please try not to drool too much, it's not good for your keyboard.


Anonymous said...

Hot damn, did you ever deliver! I had no idea that a) he was quite that hot, or b) there were nude pix of him. Okay, so they're not full frontal, but still...

Now I kinda wish I had a real blog so I'd have an excuse to post pictures of naked guys on it. Oh, well, I guess I can do that whenever I want since no one really reads my LJ!

Anonymous said...

seriously, that is one beautiful man.

and I love the range of images in pictures of just one person--everything from hypermasculine to hyperfeminine. In one guy. and it's soooo hotttt.

Octogalore said...

This is a great series. As you know, not my particular cuppa from a "gotta have that NOW" POV, but I can definitely recognize this guy as a dude who knows how to be sexy. I love the showboating -- I love when guys have the guts to do it. Nice work.

Cassandra Says said...

Twinkle - The lack of full frontal is a shame, I'll admit, but hey, I did my best!

And you should definately participate by posting sexy pix, then come back and leave me a link. I trust your taste.

Cassandra Says said...

Sarah - Indeed he is. I like a man who's versatile.

Cassandra Says said...

Octo - See, I was hoping that you would do a post of your own talking about the stuff that works for you. And add pics of course, because one can never have too many pics of sexy men.

Also the observation about showboating struck a chord with me. I feel an actual post coming on!

belledame222 said...

It's funny, I do like femmey guys; this one's not my cuppa, although intellectually I can totally appreciate why you dig him; as Sarah says, he's very versatile.

otoh I totally lust after those boots. drool.

Nice ink, too.

Octogalore said...

Cassandra -- damn, I have a post in my head that is on slow boil and some homework due for work tomorrow, so I'll have to think on this for a future post down the line.

For now here is a sampler:

Carl Weathers in Rocky II
Aaron Eckhart in In the Company of Men
Henry Rollins in Shark
Ricardo Chavira, "Carlos" in Desperate Housewives
Craig Bierko but ONLY in Cinderella Man

Getting the general idea? Hopefully pics to follow.

Anonymous said...

Woah! Yum :-)