Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The most incompetent management in the world

You know, working around the music industry you see some dumb shit. The business by it's nature attracts some, um, difficult personalities. But to turn up at a show you're supposed to be reviewing to find no press pass? Um...

But it gets better! On top of that add, no photo pass, when you've spent the whole day discussing how you're going to get pics approved by the next day. You know, the ones you need a photo pass to take in the first place.

I mean I sorted it out and was able to get in and take photos, but holy crap that was a mess. And that was after forgetting to tell me about an event that I would have covered if they had in fact told me about it.

And now we still have to get through the pic approval process. Oh joy!

It's really sad when fantastic artists are paired with management that's impossible to work with. Seriously, the artist? Love. The management...well, saying "hate" would be bad for my karma, but definately do not love.

(These people manage writers too. When I finally finish my novel, remind me not to have them represent me - I prefer not pissing off people I work with.)