Friday, November 02, 2007

Wow, they have tragically Wapanese people in Europe now too?

Via Something Awful…person wanders around Helsinki with a camera taking pictures of walking fashion disasters. I don’t mean just “that shirt does not go with those pants”, I mean DISASTERS.

The whole Hel-looks section is worth pointing and laughing at, but this one in particular caught my eye.

Good thing I wasn’t drinking anything at the time. I think the following quote sums up my feelings quite nicely.

Zack: Do you realize we're the last generation of people that didn't grow up with a manga aisle in our bookstores? There are people reading this born in like 1989 that see this picture and think, "I don't get what's wrong with that" as they stroke their ermine rabbit doll with monster hooters.

And the sad thing is that I LIKE anime and manga. I just don’t like what happens when socially maladjusted people base their entire lives around them.

I am mildly disturbed by the fact that I can actually visualize Bjork, who I adore, wearing something like this in a music video. Especially the fluffy hat/ears combo.

I am forced to admit, however, that the lolifail pictured above still looks better than this guy. Check out his self-description.

Nu rave and renaissance, the time of Christopher Columbus and baggy shapes inspire me - but always with a touch of Nazi Germany to avoid a too clowny and buffoon look!"

Um…this is his non-clowny look? Wow.

(PS Veronica, I know that you had the misfortune to work anime conventions once upon a time. This one’s for you, sweetie.)

Fair Warning - The links above lead to Something Awful, so I guarantee that there will be something crass and stupid and offensive in the comments somewhere (and my linkage does not imply that I endorse said comments). Just so you know.


Veronica said...

I <3 SA.

There is something Extra Sad about Bunny Girl. Like, if you're going to that much trouble to look like an idiot, shouldn't you at least be excited when someone wants to take your picture?

Cassandra Says said...

I'm assuming that the mawkish facial expression is meant to be part of the costume.

Veronica said...

Oh. She's a sad wabbit. I see.


Laura said...

I think its even more hilarious that the other pictures in the link are apparently so hideous that they crashed my browser and canceled my downloads. Hahahah!

I can only think of like, one person, that I've ever seen pull off anything Lolita - who wasn't an uber petite Asian girl. I don't know why, it seems kind of racist, but its true.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Okay, admission:

I like all that stuff.

Chalk it up to being around too much southern hausfrau Martha-Stewart-suburban conformity.

Anonymous said...

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