Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Controversial admissions (hat-tip to Octogalore for the idea)

1. I love the fact that I look younger than I actually am. I am also willing to take steps to maintain that illusion, up to a point and if and when they become necessary. Though probably not surgery, because I’m a wimp and fear pain.

2. Although I was properly Marxist in college, I have since come to the conclusion that Marxism is incompatible with human nature. People are competitive, fractious, uncooperative creatures, and attempts to impose Marxism on them always seem to end in nasty infighting and a trail of dead bodies. I’d rather people just be openly grasping and competitive – far rather a challenge to my face than a knife in my back.

3. I am not attracted to men who are even the slightest bit overweight. Most of the men I am attracted to barely make it into the “normal” range on the BMI scale, and none of them are past the middle of that range. I have nothing against fat people in a general interpersonal sense, but in terms of men and sex, the leaner the better.

4. With women I’m much more flexible on weight, but I’m only attracted to women who’re pretty femme. Not ultra-femme, but the slightest hint of butch and my libido is dead in the water. I’m also not attracted to women who don’t have fairly substantial breasts.

5. Lack of intelligence irritates me. I don’t mean lack of formal education – some of the smartest people I’ve met have had little formal education – but lack of genuine, biting intelligence is a friendship deal-breaker for me.

6. I eat lots and lots of tuna. I know that it’s bad for the environment, and that tuna (and most other big game fish) are overfished and endangered, but every damn time I go to eat sushi I order maguro and tuna sashimi. Given my choice of (barely) cooked fish I’d choose ahi every time if it wasn’t so damn expensive. I am a bad environmentalist.

7. I have no respect for ideological purity. I’m a pragmatist. If I want to get something done I’m willing to work with whoever can help me attain that goal (within some limits…rapists and child abusers I’d draw the line at). I think that the general leftist tendency to insist on ideological purity and refuse to work with people who don’t meet that standard is a big part of why we expend so much energy and end up with so little to show for it.

Anyone else want to join in? C’mon, you can tell me – what are your controversial admissions?


Octogalore said...

Awesome. I can identify with most of these.

#1: totally hearing you on this and per our discussion you do look much younger. Except I wouldn't rule out aging-related surgery, although I'd look at nonsurgical stuff first. It's hypocritical to want the world to think 40 looks good but not to want to look it oneself... but oh well.

#2: yup

#3: here I am similarly superficial but in a different way. Most of the guys I like are overweight on the BMI but 5-10% bodyfat. 6'2 180-200. Give or take.

#4: I'm pretty straight but occasionally have unacted upon (one exception) "go gay for" crushes. They're usually femme but buff.

#5: yup.

#6: interesting. Have to admit I pretty much never even think of this re what I order.

#7) major yup

Cassandra Says said...

1. You do realise that you don't look anywhere even close to 40, right? And I'm not totally ruling out anything, because I can remember being at a stage where I thought "I would never even consider Botox!" and now I'm thinking more "well, in a few years...".

6. I'm actually really interested in the intersection between environmentalism and food. It's a complicated issue. From an environmental pov it would be better if we all went vegetarian, but yeah, not going to do that either.

UneFemmePlusCourageuse said...

I'm totally with you on the 'lack of intelligence' thing. What bugs me the most is people who have had a formal education and still act like idiots.