Thursday, May 28, 2009

I am a huge sap

OK, I admit it, this made me cry. Normally I'm a cynical bitch but when it comes to animals that seems to totally go out the window.

You have to love the use of music too.


sarady said...

I saw this video a while ago. It made me bawl then and still makes made me bawl again.

In college I helped raise a seeing eye puppy. When the puppies go back to the seeing eye, they never see their puppy raiser again unless they fail and have the option of going back to live with the family who raised them. We were all so afraid our puppy of over a year wouldn't remember us when he came back after being gone for over a year.

He definitely remembered :)

Full Tilt said...


I saw your comment on another blog and popped by for a look see here.


After reading your profile, just wanted to say you've just met another Third Culture kid.

This video had me in tears as well.

Perhaps we'll meet aagain. Take Care.

Cassandra Says said...

Full Tilt - Well hello there fellow Third Culture person! What's your background?

Also it's kind of embarrassing how sappy the lion video made me. Mr C too - someone at work showed it to him on their iPhone and he was trying not to get all weepy.

Full Tilt said...

My Background: Born in US, left there at three months to go to small, beautiful Central American country where I remained until nineteen. Traveled alot, read alot but did not understand the Third Culture thing until a few years ago. It explains a lot and like you I always seem to have a restless spirit and itchy feet. New to blogging---not entirely happy with either one...I'm leftie in life and in politics although I come from a conservative military/government family. Animal lover, vegetarian, Jewish, disabled, feminist, librarian...

Me in a nutshell.

More about you???

Full Tilt said...

Hi Cassandra,

I've been poking around some of your archives. You definitely discuss issues of importance to me, sexuality, body image, etc, that I've not yet blogged about...I also have met very few (as in two) third culture folks. I think we could have some interesting conversation. Let me know if you've the time...My blog is still under construction, but feel free to stop by.

I watched this vid and cried a bit as well.

Cassandra Says said...

Full Tilt - Sure, email me if you want to talk more. It's cassandrasez at gmail dot com.

I've actually met a few Third Culture folks but the problem is we all tend to move around so much...