Thursday, July 07, 2005

Just a quick note if anyone is actually reading this. Is it completely crazy that, as soon as I heard about the London bombings, the first thing I thought was "I want to go home"? Home being London, of course. You would think that the rational response would be to be glad that I'm over here, out of harm's way.
I think it says something about what love means. If you love anything, whether it be a person or a place, when it's wounded your first response is to want to help, or if you can't help at least be there to offer whatever comfort and support you can. The wierdest thing about today, when I've spent the whole day glued to internet and TV news reports of the attacks, is that it doesn't make me want to avoid the city at all, it just reminds me why I love the place so much. Look at the TV reports and see all the people of all ethnic, religious and class backgrounds helping and comforting each other. Watch how strangely calm everyone is - the feeling is that we've all lived through much worse than this and have endured. We'll get through this too.
So yes, wierd as it is, right now there's nothing I want more than to go home.

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Jodie said...

It is not a crazy thing to want to go home at a time like this.