Thursday, July 07, 2005

OK, now I'm really pissed off...
Check out this link to Fox News (thanks to Jesse at Pandagon for the heads up about this)
So, what they're saying is that London being hit by multiple bombings, 40 people dead and 300 injured, and the infrastructure of one of the world's financial capitals shut down for the day is a good thing? Are these people smoking crack?
Hey asshole. Scotland Yard has been tracking terrorist activities since before you idiots had ever heard of Al Quaeda. They've prevented 12 previous attempts at terror attacks in the UK since 9/11 alone. Where do you get off complaining that the British have been insufficiently attentive to terrorism? Have you people never heard of the IRA - the UK has been dealing with terrorism since you were in diapers.
This part was particularly charming. And I quote...
"It puts the Number 1 issue right back on the front burner right at the point where all these world leaders are meeting. It takes global warming off the front burner. It takes African aid off the front burner. It sticks terrorism and the fight on the war on terror, right up front all over again."
Yep, why worry about the millions suffering and dying in Africa when we can be selfish pricks and just worry about ourselves? Hey, isn't it fun to be a conservative?

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