Saturday, April 07, 2007

And now, mostly for Zan and Scarlet PervyGirl…remember when I said they used to do suggestive things to each other onstage for the amusement of the female fans? This is what I meant. The first clip was taken after their first show. The fans are watching them through a 2-way mirror. The second is Toshiya’s birthday. Shinya is hugging him and swinging him around in the air (hey, he doesn’t weigh very much) and for some reason there are bunnies kissing on the cake. The third clip…well, just take a look. Toshiya molests Kyo. Kyo looks like a 10 year old standing next to Toshiya. Psst, guys...don't put the giant next to the little shrimpy one! Fanservice…

Toshiya’s birthday…aww. Toshiya has a nice ass in those leather pants, and Shinya’s stronger than he looks.

Toshiya sexually harassing Kyo

And then there's the old stuff...Die and Kaoru. Aoi Tsuki, Osaka Jo, 1999.
Seems like everyone likes to come up and grab Kaoru from behind, huh? Ahem. No comment.

And this is just for pure amusement value. Ever heard of fanvideos? They're a pretty common teenage phenomenon. What they do is take little bits of footage from all over the place and jam them together over a song. Some of them are truly mortifying, but some are actually kind of funny. I’m quite fond of this one, mostly because it’s full of footage of the band being really silly back when they were a lot younger. Sadly, they no longer do things like…attempt to play baseball on stage. In full costume including miniskirts and thigh high boots.
Ah, those were the days. The music in the background isn’t theirs, obviously, it’s from Dance Dance Revolution, which Kaoru and Toshiya are playing in one of the clips.
They’re not very good at it.

Kick The Can Fanvideo

And this one is a sample of just how silly grown men can be when you put them in a group. Set to the song What’s My Age Again? Which is most appropriate.

And another one! I actually love this one. Set to the song I’m Too Sexy. Best parts – Toshiya licking Kyo, Kyo molesting Kaoru (who is wearing one hell of an outfit...seriously, can we have him wear that again? Please?), Kyo performing fellatio on his mic stand. And Toshiya doing the martial arts lie on your back and then flip to your feet from your shoulders move. In leather pants, naked from the waist up.
I can think of lots of uses for a man that agile.
Do try not to hyperventilate, Zan.

Now this…this is purely for female gaze indulging purposes. Look at what Toshiya is wearing…look at the way he moves.
Now tell me that man doesn’t know he’s being objectified and love every second of it!
Note – Kaoru really isn’t a very good drummer. Good thing he has a day job!

Bonus funniness...Kaoru making fun of Kyo's singing.


The Scarlet Pervygirl said...

First let me say I admire your generosity of spirit: it must have been terribly gruelling for you to look through so much footage of gorgeous men from your favorite band molesting each other. Thank you for your sacrifice.

I used to read these Gundam Wing fanfics where all the pilots were members of a band, right? and they would gradually develop ST over the course of 17 chapters or whatever and have stuff like, "He sucked in a breath, remembering the darkness of Heero's kohled eyes as they slid sideways into his, and the softness of those perfect lips as they pressed their way down his neck. Duo didn't know what to think of this new side of his bandmate. That look Heero had given him when they had locked eyes. . . But it was all part of the show . . . wasn't it?"

Only it would actually be *worse* than that, if that were possible. And I would read these and I would go, Oh, come ON, you're just using the band scenario as a fantasy stage for your romantic machinations, you bad fanfic writer you. I thought "they're all in a band" was on about the same level of reality as "they're all princesses with magic powers."

I. stand. corrected.

Cassandra Says said...

Hey, I'm the Yaoi Fairy! Delivering hot boys snogging to the masses!

The funny thing is it's not just these guys. There's an entire subsection of the Japanese music industry dedicated to serving women's desire to watch pretty boys molest each other.
For which we thank them.

Even funnier - the same band actually made a music video based on Gundam Wing, since two of the five are anime fanboys. That thing's fecking hilarious. I should post it at some point.

PS On the live clips posted above click on the one for Zomboid and check out the translated lyrics...I'm willing to bet all your fanfic writing Gundam Wing kids are VERY familiar with that song. They kind of took the stuff most bands just hint at and smacked you in the face with it.
Now if only they were also familiar with the basic rules of English grammar...