Tuesday, April 17, 2007

So I guess I do get to see Dir en grey again this summer after all.
The Deftones added some dates, and they are in fact coming to San Francisco! Not that I give a shit about The Deftones really, but they do deserve some credit for having great taste in opening bands. Plus, their crowd is actually the right demographic for Dir en grey from a musical point of view, so it will be interesting to see the reaction and hopefully they’ll sell some CDs. Damn that’s going to be a weird crowd. I wish The Warfield allowed cameras, not in order to take pics of the band (those never come out well anyway), but I would love to be able to take pics of the girls who will inevitably show up in full Lolita outfits and try to squeeze their way into the pit. I would also love to capture pictorial evidence of how bemused the dudes there to see The Deftones will be by the presence of large numbers of conventionally attractive women in the audience, especially if the Vivienne Westwood clad babes who flew over from Japan for the last tour show up again. I don’t really like The Deftones, and I REALLY didn’t like them live last summer, but it does occur to me that I would be more likely to enjoy the show if I knew the setlist better. Does anyone know of a place I can download some of their stuff (and before anyone bitches at me for illegal file sharing, if I actually LIKE any of it I’ll buy it, which is pretty much how file sharing works in general)? A site that streams their stuff would work too. Also, if anyone local is lurking and is going to be at the show drop me a line. I’m not sure yet who of the people I know here is going. Details – Warfield, 7/2. I love The Warfield

And hey, it's a great excuse to post gratuitous pics from the last tour.







Rebecca Yu said...

Ah, always love making my little pitstops here.. =P~~~

Luscious photos there...keep the scene aliivvee! \m/

Cassandra Says said...

Oh, the scene is alive and well, but I'm always happy to do my part!