Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I am vexed. Also, a gay Satanist Republican? WTF?

Mr Cassandra came home the other day with short hair! OK, it's really not all that short, and it's still pretty awesome-looking, but it's at least 5 inches shorter than it was. Apparently his boss thought that the old style was "unprofessional". Which was sort of the point, really - he's in design for fucks sake! Why should he look "professional"?
So yes, I am vexed.
At least they didn't make him shave off the facial hair. I'm rather fond of the facial hair.

Remind me not to buy the boss a drink next time I see her, the depressingly conventional little twerp.

And speaking of facial hair...anyone who hasn't seen Veronica's commentary about her little skirmish with a certain gay Republican Satanist really should go check it out. His name is - and I'm not kidding about this - Jack Malebranche, and he is a very manly man indeed. So very manly that he feels that the entire gay community, and the straights too, should join him in heaping scorn upon any man who he feels is too queeny. See, apparently the problem with gay men is that they're too gay! If they would just see things Jack's way and be manly like him then homophobia would vanish, just like that!
Bears, apparently, are still too gay for his tastes.
Also, he loves Anton LaVey, and has chosen to attempt to recreate his look. Either that or he's going for the Emperor from Flash Gordon, I'm not quite sure. I do however assure you that his overwhelming attention to his own personal grooming is in no way unmanly (even though everyone else's is, apparently).
There's also some wierd crap in there about Spartans and gay samurai and a bunch of other assorted stereotypes that he would like to see replace the idea of gay men as femmey. The fact that the Spartans murdered babies considered to be insufficiently tough and the samurai were as meticulously groomed as even the queeniest queen appears to have been entirely lost on him. But hey, they all carried big manly swords!

File Mr Malebranche under "people are inherantly stupid and selfish". He'll certainly have plenty of company there. Perhaps he and Sheila Jeffries can have a little "we hate everyone who isn't just like us" party.


KH said...

Nothing says "manly" like sepu-ku. Or that rainbox swastika flag somebody left at his myspace page.

Veronica said...

Weren't Spartans and Samarai more about pederasty than full-grown homophobia, anyway? Like, the reason that it was culturally sanctioned to "mentor" the young men was that they were "delicate" and "beautiful."

Veronica said...

er, full grown homosexuality.

Cassandra Says said...

I don't know much about the Spartans, but the pattern with samurai was definately older man with much younger man/adolescent boy. Kind of a teacher/student thing, a mentoring relationship with sex as a bonus for the mentor.

Which, when you think about it, isn't really entirely ethical.

Cassandra Says said...

But yeah, if our manly friend is looking for historical examples of manly men grappling with each other in a manly way then samurai aren't really a great example.

belledame222 said...

also, Anton LaVey: DEAD BUTCH. SRSLY.

Octogalore said...

I hate when bosses dictate stuff that's unnecessary. Strangely, they tend to do this frequently.

(I'm in a very "fuck bosses!" mode right now. Per my rant the other day, I'm still being frozen out by one of my partners at work.)

Anyway, it will grow back and hopefully by that time she'll be on to something else...

Cassandra Says said...

Octo - It's usually a power thing.
In this case it wasn't so much her as the higher-ups not approving. They're old.

He's now contemplating cutting it REALLY short and then dying it florescent pink or orange just to spite them.

Twinklecup Slithersby said...

I think he should dye it bright pink and shave a Kirby face into it. That'd be awesome.

Back on topic, I simply do not understand people who think that all members of a gender should conform to a specific set of stereotypical behaviors. Why do people feel the need to be so rigid about the most innocuous stuff? Oh, no! My reputation as a gay man is sullied because YOU listen to Barbara Streisand! Stop it and listen to some Manowar, for goodness sake!

Cassandra Says said...

Twinkle - Because they're idiots? Idiocy seems to be the explanation for most things these days. I'm sort of leaning towards the theory that most people are too dumb to walk and chew gum at the same time.
I can't believe we let most people drive, frankly.

Marli said...

Good for people to know.