Friday, June 29, 2007

I really will catch up with the blogging soon…
Apologies to all, I’ve been a crappy excuse for a blogger recently. My only excuse is that it’s summer and the sun is shining and the birdies are a-chirping and I’m finding the idea of walking away from the computer and going outside much more appealing. That and looking at all the baby squirrels running around. Seriously, have you seen those things? So cute! Plus I’m going to two shows this week and spending time with a friend who I’m not going to see for a while, plus looking for a new job, so I’m sort of distracted in general.

Speaking of those shows…I’m thinking that I will deliberately wear the most obnoxiously bright colors I can find just to annoy the gothic lolitas and the whiny emo kids. There’s an aspect of my personality that probably doesn’t come across online very well, a tendency to want to sort of poke and prod people who I find annoying just to see if I can get a reaction out of them, and the lolitas and emo kids REALLY bring out that part of me. I keep wanting to smile and tell jokes and be all “cheer up, kids!” - not because I actually want to cheer them up, just because their moping annoys me. I was seriously contemplating showing up in some kind of cute little pencil skirt and tank top ensemble just to prove a point “hey, kids, guess what, there is a way to do cute and feminine without looking like an overgrown infant!”. That wouldn’t be very practical in a mosh pit, though, so jeans and a t-shirt it is.
The other advantage of bright colors is that it should make it a lot easier for my friend to actually find me after the show, which is always an issue. Being petite of stature does make one hard to spot in a crowd of much bigger people. At least my friend has bright, and I mean BRIGHT, red hair so she’s easy to find. She’s like a homing beacon.

So yeah, I will get back to the serious stuff soon. When the sun stops shining.

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