Wednesday, May 23, 2007

So apparently there was some more drama over the past few weeks while I was MIA. I must have some sort of spidey sense for this shit, given that I keep going missing at exactly the right moment. Anyway, continuing the goth meme (partly for ironic purposes since it’s been bright and sunny lately)…

I was tidying up and I found this card game that I bought a while back as a novelty gift, but somehow it got lost in a pile of CDs and such and I had to buy a different gift. Perhaps I should tidy my apartment more often? Anyway, the game is called “Gother Than Thou”. The boy and I tried to play it, but it’s not very exciting. We were considering adding some sort of drinking component to make things more interesting. There was one amusing part though.

This is one of those games where sometimes you pick a card and have to ask a question, or the other person has to perform a challenge. Most of it’s pointless, but there was one card that we both thought was pretty funny because neither of us could do it. Not even former teenage goth me. It’s totally my era and everything, but…I failed.
The card contains the following text/challenge.

Sing This Corrosion To Me.

Should be simple, right? Is there a better known song in all of gothdom other than Bela Lugosi’s Dead?

Except…one immediately starts singing the chorus. And how does the chorus go?

Hey now, hey now now, sing this corrosion to me.

Repeat ad infinitum. Hey, nobody (at least nobody who wasn’t a pretentious twit) ever claimed that Andrew Eldrich was a lyrical genius. Or that his lyrics made any sense at all, really (seriously, listen to Vision Thing and tell me it’s not complete nonsense).

So, my challenge to all my former goth readers is this…Sing This Corrosion to me. Or, well, type it. Without listening to the song, give me the lyrics to an actual verse.

Bet you can’t do it without cheating.


Thin Black Duke said...

I was never a goth kid per se--more a punk rocker--but I did love me some Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, all that goth/industrial stuff (takes leave from the keyboard to find my Numb and Skinny Puppy albums).

And you're right. I can't do it.


Renegade Evolution said...

"Ive got nothing to say I aint said before, I've bled all I can I can't bleed no more, don't need no one to understand why the blood run hold, the hired hand on heart
Hand of God Floodland and Driven Apart run cold, turn,cold, burn
Like a healing hand..."

Hey now, hey now now...

Renegade Evolution said...

(ye of little fucking faith...please...heheheh and no, I did not cheat...but then again, I am the same woman that knows EVERY single word to every skinny puppy album, ever...)