Saturday, March 24, 2007

Saturday's lust post, continued...scroll down for part one.

So where were we? The strange point where Cassandra's subcultural preferences all come together. Dir en grey babes part 3. Kaoru. The real genius behind the whole thing. Referred to by fans as leader-sama for a reason – he’s running the show, and always has been. I’m never quite sure how much of my adoration for this one is pure lechery and how much is admiration for his awesome creative mojo and impressive work ethic. But on a physical level….

The sense of stillness, the wry little smile, the intelligence in the eyes. The pouty lower lip, and the sexy little goatee. The perfect cheekbones, the ridiculously cool hair, the pointy little nose, the deep gravelly voice. The overwhelming sense of intensity.

Normally not a fan of dyed blond hair, but on him…

So digging the new full sleeve tattoo.

The leather pants…damn, I love those pants.
The tattoos…pretty hands covered in beautiful tattoos. Not to mention that a man with great hands is the gift that keeps on giving.
There’s something about those lips…that’s Die in the background in the middle pic, by the way.

Looks sexier smoking than any other man I can think of.


Dig the coat, and the purple hair...this is from about 2000

There's also something about that jawline...
One of the rare shots where you can see the tattoo on his neck. One of these days he’s going to run out of skin…

Pretty boy Kaoru, in the old days.
He even looks good in glasses. Really, it's not fair.
Then there’s the fact that as he’s gotten older he’s slowly become more masculine without developing a trace of bluster or false bravado (by which I mean that he’s masculine NOW - a few years ago, not so much, though he always looked damn silly in drag). I’ve seen men twice his age bow to Kaoru, and industry veterans with far more experience than him. Something about him commands respect – there’s a kind of quiet confidence there that’s, well, very sexy. The ones who really have it don’t need to shout about it. I would LOVE to get my hands on this one.
There is also the fact that he bears a not-inconsiderable resemblance to Mr Cassandra. Check out this shot from last month’s tour. A friend actually walked by when I had this pic up on my screen and said “hey, I didn’t know that Mr Cassandra played the guitar!”. I guess that’s kind of sweet, huh? That one of my personal lust objects looks like my husband? This may explain why there are some days where I am in a very, very good mood…

Also more gratuitous Toshiya lust pics, just because I can!


Rebecca Yu said...

Habubbubububbaaaaa!!!! A-men!!

Cassandra Says said...

Isn't he yummy?