Thursday, March 29, 2007

A terrible oversight that must be remedied immediately.
It just occurred to me that during female desire week I posted dozens of pictures of Dir en Grey and somehow neglected to give my darling Zan a copy of her theme song/video! I mean come on, wouldn’t we all like to have a theme song?
The first time I saw her screen-name I assumed that it was taken from this song, being the hopeless music geek that I am. Apparently that is not the case, but I’ve been meaning to send her a copy of the song anyway. I’m too lazy to upload anything myself, though, so since Trin liked the last video I’m going to do this the easy way. Behold the wonder that is YouTube!

Zan - The song, not the person.

I’m kind of ho-hum about the song itself – it’s from the first album, the drummer was only 18 and hadn’t really learned how to play yet, I hate the production etc …but the video is all kinds of twisted fun. Cross-dressing drummer and bassist, three band-members in thigh-high boots, decapitated singer’s head on an altar, still singing merrily away, one guitarist in inexplicable sci-fi garb, the other one done up as some sort of strange gargoyle/fairy creature with wings, weird-ass demonic children, some kind of…thing in a bathtub. And don’t forget the undead-looking dudes wrapped in Christmas lights for no apparent reason! And the skull!
I especially love the part where a leather-clad Die approaches a little girl sitting in a chair and it looks like things are about to get predictably kiddie-porn-ish…and then she straps him to a wall and electrocutes him.
Completely demented, which is why I love these guys. And I love Zan too, since she’s kind enough to keep letting me live in her brain.

PS I promise I’ll do a real post again soon. I’m in a silly mood right now.


Zan said...

That's demented! I love it ;) Of course, you knew I'd have a cool themesong, right? Living in my brain as you are.

lilcollegegirl said...

That's amazing. I even understood the bit with the skull at the end! (I know, he's speaking really slowly, so I don't really get points for understanding the Japanese, but I get excited every time anyway.)

Cassandra Says said...

Gleefully perverse is the way I usually describe them.
lilcollegegirl - You still get the points, since he has a really strong Kansai accent and that can be hard for people to understand.
I find it odd to realise just how much Japanese I actually understand. I went to see these guys last month and was most surprised when people kept speaking to me in Japanese and I understood what they were saying and was able to respond. OK, it was pretty simple stuff. "Dajoubu ka?", "Dajoubu, arigato". But still.