Friday, March 23, 2007

Tattoo post follow up part 1

Hey Zan! Want a face to go with those wings?

Digging the fake fur coat…and the barbed wire necklace.

I LOVE this one

Now normally I’m not the kind of woman who gets excited about rings, but if it was presented like this…

On stage, looking sexy.

Disgustingly pretty

Loving the tank top and the cross…in bright sunlight, from the movie where he played a vampire. Wanna hear something really depressing? When this pic was taken, he was 34.

More random prettiness, and that necklace again

And there are those wings again…

And who could resist a bit of cross-dressing? Hyde’s schoolgirl outfit.


Rootietoot said...

He looks 14. 'cept for the tattoos. No tattoo place would put that much on a 14 yr old.

I can agree that he is an interesting looking individual, and can even (sort of) understand how some folks would find him attractive.

He's 34?

Cassandra Says said...

I believe he's 38 now, married with a toddler. That's why I used that pic - I've never seen anyone so baby-faced, and it makes an interested contrast to the tattoo and the bondage jewelry. I'm not sure whether to be jealous or relieved that I don't look quite THAT young for my age.
It's the contrast that interests me with this one. His musical content is definately adult, so's his voice, so the contrast with the sweet look is...wierd, and interesting.
I have to admit that I don't find this one sexy, personally - pretty, yes, but not sexy. He's too tiny and too baby-faced for me. I agree with Ren here - I'd be afraid I'd break him!

Zan said...

You're killing me. Seriously. He's too damned beautiful.

Cassandra Says said...

Zan - If you think the face is beautiful you should hear the voice...

Cassandra Says said...

Also, psst...look at the sidebar.