Friday, March 23, 2007

Tattoo follow up post part 2…after all, it is still lust week.

Since Trin REALLY liked the pic of Miyavi I posted with my little celebration of ink, I decided to post the rest of the pics from the same photo session. These are both from the cover of the Miyavism CD. I threw in a couple of random pics where you can see his lip ring too, cause I’m a generous kind of girl (with insomnia, who likes looking at sexy punk boys). And some where he’s doing something questionable with a cute little dolly, and one of him rolling around in a puddle looking sexy, and a couple just because I love blue hair…not everyone can get away with blue hair.

The other pics from the Miyavism cover…I love his hair in these. I love pretty much everything about these pics, actually.

Also, from a non-lusting point of view…whoever took these photos really knows her/his shit. In terms of composition, lighting etc these are just about perfect.
A better view of the tattoos on his collarbones and chest.

This pic has nothing to do with the CD cover, I just dig the facial expression. Shame about the outfit…

What is he doing with that doll? Do we really want to know?
Heh, punk doll with a Mohawk. I want one. Damn, I’m such a kid sometimes.

So sexy…

With blue hair.



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