Friday, March 23, 2007

Well, it's sort of female desire related...
So I had the oddest dream. I was back on Scotland (that’s part of what I mean by odd – normally I stay as far from my homeland as possible) and living with my family (WTF?). Except they weren’t exactly my family – my mother was still alive, and an old high school friend of mine had mysteriously become my brother. In the dream this seemed normal. Then another old high school friend came to visit, except in my dream she was a man. And about a foot taller than she is in real life. It was very strange – her/his face was almost exactly the same, and her/his voice was a little feminine sounding, but she/he was definitely a man. I know this because in the dream we had sex. Pretty good sex, actually. And that seemed perfectly normal, even though I was never attracted to her as a girl. We weren’t dating or anything in the dream, we just had sex and then hugged each other goodbye and then she/he went home.
Oh, and the guy who had somehow become my brother? He and the girl who became a man actually dated in college. But in the dream that never happened, they were back to the semi-hostile relationship they had in high school.
OK, so…what the hell was that about? I can’t make any sense of it at all.The weird thing is that I had friends in high school who I was attracted to and never hooked up with for one reason or another. Why wasn’t one of them the star of the dream?
Very weird.

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