Thursday, March 22, 2007

Things Cassandra loves to gaze upon…tattoos
It occurs to me that I haven’t mentioned my love of tattoos and piercings during desire week. That’s a terribly omission which must be remedied. I LOVE tattoos. I love piercings, too, although not when the person has so much metal in their face that they look like Pinhead from Hellraiser.
So, tattoos. Want to see some that I really love?

First up, Hyde’s wings. I love this tattoo. It looks really cool when he lifts his arms, but I couldn’t find a still of that. Kinky guy with angel wings…what’s not to love?

And then my favorite tattooed and pierced punk boy…anyone here familiar with Buddhism? That’s the Heart Sutra. The ENTIRE Heart Sutra. It’s kind of like the Desiderata for Buddhists. Beautiful sutra, beautiful tattoo. I actually really like word/numeral tattoos, wish more people got them.

Same guy, front and side views. This guy’s covered in tattoos. And for that we love him. I REALLY love the ones on his collarbones and his arms.

And of course this is my personal favorite. But then you could probably guess that. If it's too small to read, it says "Don't hesitate and go".

Also check out the corkscrew piercing through his lip. He has 17 piercings. One of them’s a Prince Albert. This kid’s really far cooler than anyone should be at his tender age, and is much loved by Cassandra.

Kaoru’s Japanese Zombie Heroes tattoo, on the right forearm. I’ve always loved that tattoo.

Hand tattoos, and the new full sleeve on his right arm (which goes all the way up the arm and across part of his chest, but I couldn’t find a good pic of that part). I wish I had the guts, and the pain tolerance, necessary to get a tattoo on my hands, but alas I am a wimp. These are gorgeous up close.


Zan said...

*gasps* Oh dear gods. You are trying to kill me, aren't you? And what a lovely death it will be. Need I mention that I adore tats and piercings too? No, of course not, because you've been living in my brain!

I love hand tats. I think they're just terribly sexy. And the wings? Gah. I love the wings.

Your sidebar pix? Damn. Damndamndamn.

Cassandra Says said...

You know I love torturing you, right? Hey, if I'm going to suffer from insomnia I may as well have some fun.
I suppose I should have labelled so you can do the traditional Google search, huh? Wings guy is Hyde, lead singer, L'Arc En Ciel. AMAZING voice. Tattooed and pierced punk boy is Miyavi, baby guitar virtuoso (even my not-interested-in-other-pretty-boys husband worships and adores him). Hand tattoo guy is Kaoru, lead guitarist, Dir en grey.
What I have planned for tomorrow's going to kill you for sure...

Cassandra Says said...

PS If I spend any more time in your brain I'm going to be tempted to start rearranging the furniture.

Renegade Evolution said...

Yay for ink!

Trinity said...

That blue-tinted pic? Is the hottest thing ever. Thank you.


Cassandra Says said...

Trin - You mean the one with the guy holding his arm to his face from a sideways on view so you can see the tats? With the mohawk? That's Miyavi. Scarily young guitar god. My husband (who doesn't care about the looks part) worships the musical ground he walks on. So do I, actually. Kid is alarmingly talented. And very, very sexy.
Did I mention that he has a Prince Albert?